Tuesday, September 23

Beware of the leopard

Some schools have started banning hoodies under the premise that they are too big and clunky, and it is easy for kids to sneak in contraband (ipods, cellphones) in their pockets. Now first off that's silly. Certainly any male could fit an Ipod or cellphone in their pants pockets, so the people that would affect would be females. Possibly their real concern is sneaking guns in, and they don't want to say so publicly, i don't know. But their stated goal is nonsense. What's more important here is that some of the students started complaining, no big surprise. What did the schools, (or at least one administrator) claim as a defense of the rule. This rule has actually been in place for several years, we are just enforcing it now. In what kind of society is that a justification of a rule. I know this may seem like an overbearing rule, but you should keep in mind, we actually passed it several years ago, so... you know... it's just that now decided to enforce it. So what does that mean? people were supposed to complain several years ago? or what? I think this is probably what arthur dent felt like, and equally silly.

P.S. if you are unfamiliar with arthur dent, you are advised to read the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.


Blogger Aras said...

who could be unfamiliar with arthur dent?

anyway, if this is something you read about on the internet, it would be useful to post a link to it so your many readers can read some primary sources.

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